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You absolutely don't know about the cheap cigarettes category

There are many brands of cigarettes online, each brand has numerous products, though more like the stars, but many people do not know the fact that there is a clear classification of wholesale cigarettes, and today I will share with you some of the major types of discount cigarettes:

First, flue-cured tobacco type cigarette. The most suitable for Chinese tastes of different types of cigarettes, flue-cured tobacco type cigarette has a history of several hundred years. The earliest produced in the United Kingdom, based on a single main raw material for the manufacture of flue-cured tobacco cigarettes, tobacco and other general more for raw materials, material stress, highlighting the aroma of tobacco itself, reflect Fantasy qualities of tobacco, fragrance rich or elegant, ceiling mellow taste and moderate momentum, the color was yellow or golden yellow lemon, on behalf of the brand: gold leaf.Flue cured tobacco type cigarette is divided into Chinese flue-cured tobacco and British flue-cured tobacco, the tobacco type cigarette raw material type is relatively single, higher sugar content and lower nicotine make it more soft and comfortable and easy to use. There are differences in the larger compared with Chinese style flue-cured tobacco type with a British style flue-cured tobacco type, mainly for the tar content, sugar content was higher, smoke more soft and dull, fragrance is elegant, clean taste, sweet aftertaste back, is currently mainstream products in the domestic market, accounted for more than 80%, flue cured tobacco type cigarette has become the most people love smoking cigarette types.The second category, blended type cigarette, World War II popular play mixed type cigarettes, the earliest by the creation of the United States. After the Second World War, the production of blended type cigarette soon sold to many countries in the world, and obtained the fast development, World War II on American soldiers munitions items which will contain mixed type cigarettes, it can be said to be by the Second World War leading up cigarette type, representative products is Marlboro Cigarettes, Camel, Lucky Strike. After the war under the influence of the United States, almost all the countries in the world are beginning to the imitation of the blended type cigarette and blended type cigarette formulation by mixture of flue-cured tobacco, sun cured tobacco, air cured tobacco, tobacco and its characteristics is rich aroma, momentum is relatively large, mellow smoke and tobacco color is reddish brown. Third class, cigars cigarettes, cigars cigarettes actually is known as cigars, cigar use of tobacco all or most of air cured tobacco, sun cured tobacco with low sugar content and high ash the combustion of good and the tar content is low, the clean taste slightly bitter, flue gas with strong cigar aroma. Cigar originated in the United States and the island of Cuba, the most famous brand for the "Havana" brand. Smoke a cigar, the mature of the cigar is a personal spiritual experience, so once a gentleman will at home in a dedicated space to the enjoyment of the "cigar time". Of course, this perhaps is gentleman age old wind. On the battlefield Castro Viv also can enjoy a cigar in the quiet.

To sum up, cigarettes are divided into three types, which type of cigarettes do you like to smoke? I think a lot of people are very familiar with the American Marlboro Cigarettes, if you are a Marlboro Cigarettes loyal fans, then came here, you will surprise so cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. here to buy super Cheap Cigarettes Online and allows you to save a lot of budget, why not do it?

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