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Why do men like to smoke Newport Cigarettes after sex?

According to the latest report shows that the number of smokers in China now than five years ago, 15 million increase, up to 316 million. Smokers average 15.2 cheap Newport cigarettes per day, compared with five years ago,an increase of 1, while the male smoking rate was 52.1%. All people know that smoking is not good for the body, but a lot of people still continue to smoke, especially men, more like to smoke after sex, this is why? Some people say that smoking can make people relax after sex, refreshing recover from fatigue.Some people say, after sex smoking is a kind of atmosphere, is a fig leaf, hide the embarrassment, release it. It is a narrow space barrier, so that a woman can relieve finishing dressing; it is warm to cool the combustion supporting agent, if you want more, this is the best moment. These answers are our self righteous, then the scientific answer is what?

That is because at the time of sexual climax, a short time the brain will secrete large amounts of monoamine neurotransmitters, including serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. An increase in serotonin can cause a person to lower the desire, and norepinephrine can cause anxiety. Afterwards the body is very tired, need to quickly restore physical strength, muscle also need to relax from the tension. And the nicotine in wholesale Newport cigarettes can stimulate in vivo sympathetic nerve, borrow by stimulation of the splanchnic nerve of the adrenal medulla, release of adrenaline. It can make people breathe faster, heart rate and blood flow to accelerate, to provide more energy for physical activity, and the anxiety caused by the high tide of norepinephrine caused by the reaction. Also, smoking Newport cigarette is also a deep breath, and the above mentioned the role of adrenaline just to provide a large amount of oxygen, ease muscle tension, so that people relax.

But you know what? Although Newport cigarettes after sex can make people relax, but the health hazards will greatly increase, it is ten times the usual dangers of tobacco. First, nicotine in tobacco after the first central nervous system to inhibit excitatory effect, influence of carbon monoxide on the human body is also great, they will reduce people to experience a wonderful feeling. Secondly, after burning tobacco tar, because it contains benzopyrene, can lead to vaginal dryness. Intercourse is a more intense exercise, systemic vascular dilation, blood flow to speed, energy consumption increased. If the end of the immediately-smoking, toxic substances in Newport cigarettes can easily be absorbed into the body, an adverse impact on cardiovascular health. Finally, the smoke nicotine will lead corpus cavernosum smooth muscle contraction, blood vessel damage, inhibit blood flow, thus affecting erectile capacity. Generally speaking, after the end of the sex do not have to hurry to get up, hugged together, said a few sweet nothings, or drink a cup of warm boiled water, plus a small amount of sugar, can replenish moisture and lover, and quickly added energy. In addition, you can do some simple physical activities to help eliminate fatigue.

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