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How much will it cost to smoke Marlboro Cigarettes Online?

Do you know how much it will cost to smoke? Do you have a clear count?I believe that almost all of the people have not considered this thing, because in their knowledge, every day to spend a little money on smoking, it will not be a lot of money. Even now the price of Marlboro cigarettes are all increased, but also only up a little, and did not affect the determination to continue to smoke, but you look at the following people forget a bill, I think you will not sleep.

A man suddenly whim of the calculations, a smoking account. If he smokes a pack of Marlboro cigarettes a day, the price of a pack of Marlboro cigarettes is 24RMB, then a year to spend 8760RMB on smoking. If you have smoked cigarettes for 10 years, then it is 87600RMB, 20 years is 175200RMB, 30 years 262800RMB. But if you smoke 2 packs of Marlboro Red cigarettes a day, the cost of smoking for 30 years is 525600RMB. If you from 20 years old to start smoking, live up to 80 years old, then, smoked is 60 years, 60 years of daily smoking a pack of cigarettes, average every packet of cigarettes 24 yuan, so, you a lifetime smoking cost is 525600 yuan, if smoke two packs of Cheap Marlboro cigarettes every day. Then, you a lifetime smoking spend is 1051200 yuan. These are just the cost of smoking, if you get sick from smoking, into the hospital costs that is not a small sum of money. Smoking 15 to 20 cigarettes a day, lung cancer, oral or laryngeal cancer death rate to 14 times than not smoking in the National People's Congress; the suffering from esophageal cancer death risk than nonsmokers in the National People's Congress 4 times; died of bladder cancer risk to twice; to die of heart disease risk to twice as large. And so a lot of money if we can save,you can do a lot of things, 525,600 yuan,you can buy a BMW 5 series or Audi A6. Maybe you say that I have now is the BMW 5 Series, yes, that why do not you plus more than 50 million to buy an Audi Q7 or other it? 525,600, you can buy a 100 square meter room. Perhaps you will say that you have room, why not that plus more than 50 million to buy a good or a more luxurious decoration of the room it? 525 600, to cover a small villa in rural areas of your hometown, a small garden, swimming pool, small attic, much more than a face style. 525,600, enough to raise a child growing up in an ordinary family, for his way through college, and possibly even money left for him to marry a young married woman or when the dowry.

After reading this book, you can calm the mood? Would you want to give up smoking? I think some people will certainly to health, BMW, villa and stop smoking and some people because it is not short of money, so that they will continue to smoke, and some people will try to cut down on smoking frequency, or smoking cheap Marlboro cigarettes, like here cheap Marlboro cigarettes is very cost-effective.No matter what the result is, let those who smoke look at this huge bill, but also have some effect on smoking cessation.

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