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Do you know your child is smoking Marlboro cigarettes?

In the world, almost no people do not know smoking is harmful to health, but still many people in smoking, and smoking in the crowd, many of them are minors, this is a serious impact on the physical health of minors.You know, in many primary and secondary schools range surrounding 100 meters, you can find shops selling cheap Marlboro cigarettes, but showed no clear identity, "smoking is harmful to health", also did not say "do not sell tobacco to minors." and some underage girls were also smoking, as well as the State explicitly prohibit tobacco advertising, there are still a number of tobacco advertising, which is a very bad phenomenon.

With the proliferation of this phenomenon, we should reflect on their own. I remember seeing a video, when a 6-year-old child to an adult cigarette lighter to fire,you will have what reaction?Similar video in the foreign country remake a lot, but the purpose is the same, "no smoking". Adults know that children can not smoke, adults also know that smoking is harmful to health, but why so many people still make qualitative mistakes? Reason also understand, or why adults to see the child to the note on the opening of the moment, will put the discount Marlboro cigarettes pinch off. A cigarette, if you talk with the smokers said not to throw garbage, smokers also immediately picked up. These are the most simple truth, everyone knows, but it is the simple truth, a lot of people can not do. You should know that adults who smoke will directly affect their children, minors behavior, many of which are affected by their parents, if you smoke still home, we must pay attention to their own children, you should make sure that your child is not also in secretly smoke wholesale Marlboro cigarettes, if discover their children to smoke, first of all, you should have a good reflection, the first correct their mistakes, quit smoking as soon as possible, thus give children do a good example.

Children are the future of our country, is a family in the future, we should carefully care, so as not to go astray.I hope that all parents will be able to participate in the act of smoking cessation, because this will be better for their children to create a "smoke free school" ". I believe that all of the parents who do not want to see their children start smoking very young, not only for their health have a lot of damage, but also affect the development and physical development of the brain, which can affect a child's life the serious problem, all parents should pay attention to. In the future around the school, parents should consciously abide not smoke, but also urge neighboring shops can not sell cheap Marlboro cigarettes to students. Only if we are involved, in order to achieve better results, to create a better tomorrow for our children, parents must pay attention to it.

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