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Monday 30 May, 2016 | RSS Feed

Newport Cigarettes are more important than women

As long as it is a smoker, the first kiss, mostly with cheap Newport cigarettes, rather than with the beloved woman. Some boys gave the first kiss to the smoke at the age of 12, while others had earlier. In young men's thinking, smoking is a sign of maturity, but also a very cool attitude. For men, there are a lot of reasons for him to smoke. On the one hand depressed boring when smoke can pass the time, relieve emotional; on the other hand, smoking has become a habit, if not something sandwiched between the index and middle fingers, mouth no smoke-filled feeling that they feel uncomfortable ,uneasy. In the men's exchanges entertainment, men smoking together like a woman shopping together as a tacit understanding and recognition. No matter what the occasion,Newport Menthol cigarette in a sense is a bridge between men.

For a woman, her boyfriend can smoke, because it is very handsome, but her husband smoking is disgusting. It is said that 98% of women don't like men who smoke. They will show a variety of hint or tell a man she did not like him smoking. For example, in front of his nose fan side when men smoke, cough choked to one side to make way. Men are either think this is very interesting, the woman choked to look cute, even deliberately blow a puff of smoke in front of the woman; or the woman did not feel choked, like is fitted out, just trying to persuade myself not to smoke. No matter what the woman with the method, it is difficult to persuade men to quit smoking,How many smart woman, with a number of tips have little effect. Only a little bit, that is when a woman is pregnant, the man will be somewhat convergent. But they will not be honest one does not smoke cheap Newport cigarettes, they just do not smoke in front of a pregnant woman. To the outside, or the bathroom, they secretly smoke, that feeling for them wonderful incomparable, and a love affair and some fight. Men quit forever "next time", when a woman cry downtown three hanged men to quit smoking, man finally realize the lover's betrayal and pressure, that is for the sake of their health, as well as children's health sake, a heartless and promised to quit. First day: he felt sore throats. The next day: He thirsty, felt listless. Day Three: He wanted ...... actually wanted one thing, want to smoke.The fourth day: meet a friend,and gave him cigarettes, he was most reluctant to take green eyes waved. The guys laughed: "you want to give up smoking?" he immediately denied that he had no such thing,and smoke cigarettes.The fifth day: I broke the ring anyway...... Or the next time quit smoking. Men quit smoking success rate is very low, some old smokers with drug treatment, it is difficult to quit, this is indeed puzzling. Even the manufacture of Newport cigarettes, but also so confusing, cigarette boxes must be marked "smoking is harmful to health", make a wish to play a willing to be like.

For man, man's first kiss to the cigarette; men and cigarettes in together time, absolutely too much time with the women; men kissing up to some cigarettes; most men don't for a woman to give up smoking, even though he loves this woman.Does it mean that Wholesale Newport cigarettes are more intimate with men than women? For example, women are water, men are fish, Newport cigarettes are bubbles of fish...... Bubble may be annoying, but it's a breath of fish. So whether or not a man to give up smoking? Smoking money also beverages, standard money, supposedly quit. Seemingly simple problem, but there is a dilemma. A man to smoke as a spiritual food, the other side is the health hazards of yourself and others. With this Newport cigarette, there will be second...

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